Formative Observations

We support three types of Formative Observations: Formal, Classroom Walkthrough, and General.  The Formal observation process includes Pre-Observation Planning Form and supports the uploading of Lesson Plan artifacts.  Formal Observations also includes Post Observation Reflection Form that is customizable by customer.

Classroom Walkthroughs are quick notes by administrators to document the activities in a classroom.

General Observations provides administrators an approach to document quick observation notes of a staff member outside the classroom, e.g. committees.

We do not prescribe the number or type of observations that must be conducted per teacher.  The system will support your policies and procedures.

Notification to staff members.  The results of the Observation can be emailed directly to the staff member, and/or downloaded as a PDF document to be printed.

Integration between Observations and Evaluations

As administrators record and code their staff's formative observations, we automatically collate these documents into the staff's summative evaluations.

Summative Evaluations

Framework For Professional Practice and Growth takes the manual "busy work" of managing forms and formatting documents out of the evaluation process.  Formative observational notes are pulled into the evaluation "automagically". Administrators don't have to hunt for observation notes or copy-and-paste notes from one word document into another!  Thus saving you time.


Staff members can conduct self-assessment using the same set of rubrics as the summative evaluations.

Continuing Education and Professional Development Tracking

Staff members can track their Professional Development activities.  These activities are automatically associated with the Professional Development Plan.

Professional Development Plan

Staff members can create their annual Professional Development Plan based on the SMART goal setting and planning approach.  The PD Plan guides you through the definition of your goal, specifying which Domain and Component your goal will address, and then documenting resources, activities and timing of your plan to achieve each goal.  The system also provides you the ability to document the evidence of your activities to achieve your goals and reflections.

Support for the iPad or Android devices

Our system is web-based and many of our customers are using the iPad to conduct their observations.


Your district's evaluation rubrics include all staff types:

  • Teachers,
  • Instructional Specialists,
  • Librarians or Media Specialists,
  • School Nurses,
  • School Counselors,
  • School Psychologists,
  • Therapeutic Specialists,
  • Administrator
The Rubric language is displayed inline for each component of the summative evaluation.